Full Code Reference

Inventory Presser is open-source, so anyone can read the code. This website maintains a complete code reference. Here’s the page for invp_get_the_price(), a template tag that displays vehicle prices.

Code Examples


Filter & action hooks allow other developers to customize the way Inventory Presser behaves.

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Shortcodes all our special pages to work on any site running WordPress, exactly how many shopping carts and storefronts have been implemented to run on any theme.

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Template tags

Template & conditional tags are PHP methods like invp_get_the_odometer() that help check if a vehicle is sold, output it’s price, or access other attributes stored in the post object or post meta.

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Inventory Presser was built for dealerships in the USA, but we have users around the world. The plugin supports language packs. We are working on translations, and if you’d like to help visit the project at

Free Currency & Units Add-ons

  1. Kilometers Instead of Miles
  2. Change currency symbol to £