This page describes postmeta fields saved in vehicle posts containing Carfax data.

Main Fields

Can we link to a Carfax report for this vehicle? Where is that report, and which button do we use?

Meta KeyTypeDescriptionSample Value
inventory_presser_carfax_have_reportboolDo we have a Carfax Report?1
inventory_presser_carfax_url_iconstringWhat is the button URL?
inventory_presser_carfax_url_reportstringWhat is the report URL?

Additional Fields

These fields describe additional Carfax vehicles badges including one-owner, accident-free, and top-condition.

Meta KeyTypeDescriptionSample Value
inventory_presser_carfax_one_ownerboolIs it a one-owner?1
inventory_presser_carfax_url_icon_one_ownerstringWhat is the one owner badge URL?
inventory_presser_carfax_accident_freeboolIs it accident-free?1
inventory_presser_carfax_url_icon_accident_freestringWhat is the accident-free badge URL?
inventory_presser_carfax_top_conditionboolIs it top-condition?1
inventory_presser_carfax_url_icon_top_conditionstringWhat is the top-condition badge URL?