Built-in Price Display Types

Inventory Presser ships with eight different ways of displaying vehicle prices. Change the price display type on the settings page.

  • ${Price}
  • ${MSRP}
  • ${Price} / ${Down Payment} Down
  • ${Down Payment} Down
  • Retail ${MSRP} Now ${Price} You Save ${MSRP}-{Price}
  • ${Payment} {Frequency}
  • ${Down payment} / ${Payment} {Frequency}
  • Call For Price

${Price} is the default. If a vehicle has no price or zero, “Call for Price” will be shown to shoppers instead of zero. The Call For Price option will display Call For Price regardless of the price field’s value.

Add Custom Price Display Types

Both the list on the settings page and the output of vehicle prices are filterable.



Use the invp_price_display_options filter to add price display options to the drop down on the settings page.


Use the invp_price_display filter to customize vehicle prices inside the invp_get_the_price() template tag.