Additional Listings Pages

Inventory Presser provides a vehicle listing archive at by default. Additional listings pages can be created at other URLs on the settings page.


Create additional inventory archive(s)

This screenshot shows the Additional Listings Pages feature configured on the Inventory Presser plugin settings page. Three Additional Listings Pages are configured for featured vehicles, vehicles that are identified as one-owner vehicles by Carfax, and vehicles that have a down payment value.

Sample Use-Cases

See the screenshot above where these pages are configured.

  • Vehicles marked as featured at
  • Vehicles identified as Carfax one-owners at
  • All vehicles with a down payment at

Poor Use-Cases

Maximum or minimum prices

No additional inventory page is needed for listings with maximum or minimum prices. The built-in query parameters max_price and min_price enable URLs on the primary inventory archive like the samples below.

Links like these samples can be used in menus with the Custom Link feature.