Inventory Presser & Add-on Plugins

The plugins listed on this page turn WordPress into a dealership website. The core plugin, Inventory Presser, organizes vehicle and lot info. The add-ons deliver features like powerful filters for shoppers and third-party service integrations like VIN Decoding, CarGurus price ratings, or AutoCheck reports.

The core plugin is free and open-source

Download below or visit Inventory Presser’s page at


Premium Add-on Bundles

All add-ons are available in two bundles that do and do not include the VIN Decoder.

All Add-ons Except VIN Decoder

All Add-ons Including VIN Decoder

Add-on Plugins

The plugins below were all built to support Inventory Presser and the hundreds of dealership websites that the plugins power. Tap any of them for more information.

Add VINs to Vehicle URLs

Adds the VIN to vehicle URLs to provide third-parties with a unique identifier in the URLs of vehicle details pages.

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AutoCheck Buttons

Creates a shortcode [autocheck_button] that can be included anywhere on a vehicle details page. The shortcode displays an AutoCheck logo that, when clicked, navigates to a vehicle history report.

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CapitalOne Leads Navigator Add-on

Integrates CapitalOne Leads Navigator into dealership sites running Inventory Presser. Adds Explore Financing buttons near vehicles on listings and vehicle details pages.

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CarGurus Badge

CarGurus Badge is a plugin that makes adding a deal rating badge to your website very easy. It provides both a widget and shortcode to enable developers to place badges near vehicles.

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CarStory Market Reports

The CarStory Market Reports add-on displays Inline Market Reports on vehicle details pages and icons indicating whether a report is available in listings.

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Drop Down Search Widget

Help shoppers begin shopping from any widget area with Drop Down Search Widget. This widget puts vehicle attributes in drop downs that navigate to a filtered inventory listing when the Search button is tapped.

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Elementor Add-on

Adds vehicle attributes to Elementor’s list of Dynamic Tags.

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Inventory Presser VIN Decoder

Inventory Presser VIN Decoder is an add-on that decodes VINs typed or pasted into the block editor vehicle sidebar on the Add New Vehicle page.

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Kilometers Instead of Miles

Inventory Presser shows odometer units as miles by default, but can easily support any units required. Kilometers Instead of Miles is an add-on that displays odometer units as kilometers.

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Manufacturer List Widget

A list of vehicle manufacturers and the number of matching units currently in inventory.

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Monroney Labels Easy Window Stickers

Easily add window stickers to vehicle listings and details pages.

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Payment Calculator Widget

A simple interest payment calculator helps users understand what kind of financing they might afford. This widget can be placed in any widget area, though the calculator will only appear when the current post is a vehicle.

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Posts Per Page Drop Down

Gives the user a drop down that lets her choose the number of posts per page to show while viewing an archive.

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Similar Vehicles Widget

Suggest vehicles with similar body styles and prices to shoppers. This widget can be used on vehicle details pages in any widget area, and disappears completely if no similar vehicles are found in inventory.

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Vehicle Filters Widget

Give customers the power to filter inventory by any categorized vehicle attribute with Vehicle Filters Widget. These filters allow any shopper to quickly view vehicles by the transmission or fuel type of their choice. This widget works best in a sidebar on a vehicle listings page.

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Vehicles in Core Categories Widget

Adds vehicle categories to WordPress’ core Categories widget when it is displayed as a drop down.

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