Divi Setup Guide

Everything you need to know about setting up a dealership website using Inventory Presser and the Divi theme.

  1. Setup WordPress

    Spin up or purchase a web hosting plan that supports or provides WordPress. If your web host does not provide a ready-to-use WordPress install, use the official installation guide. Read WordPress Tips for Building Car Dealer Websites.

  2. Install Inventory Presser

    Login to your website and find the PluginsAdd New menu. Search for Inventory Presser, and press the Install Now and Activate buttons. Visit VehiclesOptions and configure the settings.

  3. Configure Inventory Updates

    Visit the Adding or Importing Inventory page, and find out how best to update vehicle data. Use the Load Sample Vehicles feature to quickly populate the site with some inventory.

  4. Change Divi Settings

    1. Enable Blog Style Mode at dashboard menu DiviTheme OptionsGeneral
    2. Enable the Divi Builder for the Vehicles post type at Divi → Theme Options → Builder
  5. Build Templates

    Use Divi Builder to create two templates at DiviTheme Builder for the Vehicles Archive Page and All Vehicles for singles.

    Create a template for All Vehicles

    This template is for single vehicle pages, known to car industry professionals as VDP/vehicle details pages.

    Screenshot shows a Template Settings panel in Divi Builder. The All Vehicles checkbox is checked.

    Add Post Title and Post Content modules to the Custom Body of this template to replicate what you saw at slash inventory earlier. To add a meta field to the template, use a Text Module. Inside the Content tab of the module’s settings, look for the Dynamic Content icon at the right side of the text box. It only appears when the text box has focus.

    Screenshot shows the location of the Dynamic Content button in a Text Module in Divi Builder.

    Create a template for Vehicles Archive Page

    This template is for the vehicle post type archive, known to car industry professionals as a listings page.

    Screenshot shows a Template Settings panel in Divi Builder. The Vehicles Archive Page checkbox is checked.

    To put a post archive in a Divi template, add a Blog Module. This module will output the current page of vehicles as long as the Posts For Current Page setting is YES.

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