Ensuring Theme Compatibility with Vehicle Listings

Theme Compatibility Guide

☑️ Activate the Inventory Presser plugin

Inventory Presser creates a custom post type to hold vehicles called inventory_vehicle. The list of vehicles is located at yourdealership.com/inventory.

☑️ Disable post excerpts

Some themes work great right away, like Twenty Twenty. While testing both Astra and OceanWP, we found post excerpts needed to be disabled in order for the vehicle archive or listing page to work correctly.

☑️ Shortcodes can do the work

Inventory Presser will display vehicle listings and vehicle details pages even when the active theme does not contain templates for vehicles. This feature works by inserting a shortcode on the_content hook.

Disable post excerpts

If you’re having trouble with the way Inventory Presser displays vehicle listings out of the box, post type archives might display post excerpts instead of full posts. Post excerpts with “read more” links strip HTML from the post content and break vehicle lists. If the first word of each listing is “Mileage”, your problem is post excerpts.

Disable Post Excerpts in Your Theme

AstraChange Customizer setting BlogBlog / ArchivePost Content from “Excerpt” to “Full Content.”
BlocksyChange Customizer setting Post typesVehiclesCards OptionsCard ElementsExcerpt from “Excerpt” to “Full Post”
DiviEnable Blog Style Mode at dashboard menu DiviTheme OptionsGeneral
Read the Divi Setup Guide →
OceanWPChange Customizer setting BlogBlog EntriesExcerpt Length to 500

Shortcodes in New Pages Always Work

If your vehicle pages do not look like our screenshots, or you cannot disable excerpts, create two pages that contain these shortcodes as a workaround.

  • [invp_archive] for archives or listing page
  • [invp_inventory_grid] for a grid of vehicle thumbnails, with year, make, model, and price
  • See more shortcodes →

Inventory Presser automatically inserts shortcodes into the_content to achieve broad compatibility, but themes that show excerpts in archives clobber the attempt.

Screenshot on Twenty Twenty

Here is a screenshot of Inventory Presser displaying vehicles in the Twenty Twenty theme before any custom CSS.

This may not be ready to launch, but it is many minutes ahead of writing a custom template to show the fields Inventory Presser uses to list a vehicle.

This screenshot shows a vehicle archive on the Twenty Twenty theme before any customization. An add-on plugin for AutoCheck vehicle history reports places a button near every vehicle.

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