Locations Taxonomy

Categorize vehicles by their physical location

One taxonomy categorizes vehicle posts by their physical location. Each term in the locations taxonomy is a dealership lot and contains an address, phone numbers, and sets of hours. The locations taxonomy is what powers the “Open today until 7:00 pm” feature.

Dashboard Screenshots

Visit Locations under the Vehicles menu in the dashboard to find or edit location terms.

This screenshot shows the location taxonomy list and Add New Location fields, including fields for phone numbers and hours. Two location terms are shown in the list.
This screenshot shows the Edit Location page. The term name contains street address line one. The term description contains the full address. Two phone numbers, labeled “Fax” and “Toll-free” are visible. A set of hours of operation is also visible.

Location Sentence

If a site has more than one location, Inventory Presser will automatically include a location sentence on each vehicle details page that describes where shoppers can find the vehicle.

Template tag

Generate the location sentence in PHP with the template tag invp_get_the_location_sentence()

This screenshot shows location taxonomy info on a vehicle details page to describe where shoppers can find this vehicle, which number to call, and if the location is open right now.

How it Works

The term members hold the address. Phone numbers and hours of operation are stored in term meta. Our demo site’s REST API will always return location term JSON at https://demo.inventorypresser.com/wp-json/wp/v2/location

Term name

Dealership or lot name

Term description

Full address with line breaks

Term meta

  • The keys ending in _uid contain a unique identifier. If you are editing locations in the dashboard, these values will be generated for you automatically.
  • Each day of the week has a field ending in _appt. If the dealership is open by appointment on that day, this value stored as a bit value containing 1 or 0.

Keys & Sample Values

This table of keys contains two phone numbers and one set of hours. There is room for more of each.

Term meta keyValue
address_street1185 Division Highway
address_street_line_twoSuite B
hours_1_sunday_open11:00 AM
hours_1_sunday_close4:00 PM
hours_1_saturday_open9:00 AM
hours_1_saturday_close5:00 PM
hours_1_friday_open9:00 AM
hours_1_friday_close7:00 PM
hours_1_thursday_open9:00 AM
hours_1_thursday_close7:00 PM
hours_1_wednesday_open9:00 AM
hours_1_wednesday_close7:00 PM
hours_1_tuesday_open9:00 AM
hours_1_tuesday_close7:00 PM
hours_1_monday_open9:00 AM
hours_1_monday_close7:00 PM