A shortcode is a bracketed shorthand code that can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots code. Learn more→

Vehicle Galleries

Listing Templates for Singles & Archives

You should never need to place these. These shortcodes are what Inventory Presser uses to achieve compatibility with almost every theme. If a theme does not have vehicle template files or hooks to handle archives and singles, these shortcodes are added to the_content hook.

  • [invp_archive]
    • Creates a list of vehicles. Inventory Presser uses this shortcode to list vehicles at if the site’s theme does not have templates for vehicles. See screenshot →
  • [invp_archive_vehicle]
    • A shortcode that outputs a single archive vehicle in an <article> element. Designed to help any theme show an archive of vehicles.
  • [invp_single_vehicle]


  • [invp_attribute_table]
    • Creates a table of vehicle attributes including odometer, transmission, color, interior color, drive type, doors, stock number, engine & fuel, and VIN. (Boat fields: HIN instead of VIN, length, beam, and hull material) See screenshot →
  • [invp_hours_today]
    • Outputs a sentence about whether or not the car lot is open. Also hooks into vehicle singles and tables of hours to automatically deploy the feature.
  • [invp_iframe]
    • Creates an iframe. We use this to embed a financing application that is hosted on a separate domain.
  • [invp_sort_by]
    • Creates a dropdown that changes the sort order of listings pages. Users can sort vehicles in either direction by make, price, odometer, year, date entered, or last modified date.
  • [invp_vin]
    • Outputs the VIN