Meta Fields on Attachments

All our post meta fields are prefixed with inventory_presser_.

Meta KeyDescriptionSample Value
inventory_presser_hashAn MD5 hash checksum of the bytes of the image file. Generated by Inventory Presser when photos are inserted via the REST API with a vehicle post ID specified as the post_parent.8e2f32b2e2aac89eb1ed117e1c98d7b0
inventory_presser_photo_numberThe sequence number or sort order of the photo among the other photos. Set by Inventory Presser if the file names of the uploaded photos are structured in this format: photo-5-of-19-of-VIN01010101010010.jpg5
inventory_presser_vinThe vehicle VIN. Set by Inventory Presser if a vehicle post ID is specified as the post_parent and that vehicle has a VIN value.1GNSKBKC7FR248814

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