This screenshot shows the settings page for the Inventory Presser plugin. Access this page via the Vehicles, Options menu link in the dashboard.

Inventory Presser Plugin Settings

Inventory Presser provides a settings page at VehiclesOptions in the dashboard.

Manage Inventory

The Load Sample Vehicles and Delete All Vehicles buttons can help you build vehicle and listing templates before live inventory is available.

Price Display

See Price Display

Sold Vehicles

Include sold vehicles in listings and search results

Use this setting to include or exclude sold vehicles from listings. If sold vehicles are shown to shoppers, any prices will show as “SOLD!

Show All Taxonomies

Show all taxonomies under Vehicles menu in Dashboard

Use this setting to toggle the visibility of the other taxonomies in the dashboard menu. By default, Inventory Presser hides the admin sub menus for all custom taxonomies except the Locations taxonomy.

Sort Vehicles By

See Change Vehicle Default Sort Order

Additional Listings Pages

See Additional Listings Pages

Enable Carfax

Display Carfax buttons near vehicles that link to free Carfax reports

Use Newest Buttons

Use Carfax-provided, dynamic buttons that may also say things like “GOOD VALUE”