Methods described on this page

  1. Block Editor
  2. Classic Editor
  3. Bulk Feeds
  1. Block Editor

    Uploading vehicle photos and rearranging their order is easiest in the Block Editor. Inventory Presser uses a core Gallery Block that is added to all new vehicle posts.


    This video shows a VIN decode, drag-and-drop photo uploads, and a photo order rearrange.

    Turn this feature on or off

    There is a switch to disable the arranger Gallery Block at Vehicles → Options.

    Classic Editor

    Press the Add Media button to launch the uploader. Rearranging photos is not possible in the Classic Editor. Consider deactivating the Classic Editor plugin and continue reading the Block Editor instructions. Read the Bulk Feeds section to learn how to rearrange photos using the REST API.

    Bulk Feeds

    When writing or updating attachment posts, set values for the number and VIN postmeta fields on attachments.