Inventory Presser is Free and Open Source

Today is the day Inventory Presser, a WordPress plugin for automobile dealerships, launches as a free and open-source product at the core of an ecosystem of add-on plugins. 🎉

All development will happen on Github before new versions are released in the official WordPress Plugin Repository.

Manage inventory and vehicle listings in WordPress

Our company, Friday Systems, has built hundreds of dealership websites on top of this plugin since 2016 when we began a private beta. The version of Inventory Presser we shipped to today, 12.2.5, contains these features:

Add-ons Available

Today, 11 premium & 3 free add-ons are available for purchase and download from, including a VIN Decoder. Most dealers are decoding VINs and entering photos upstream from WordPress, though, so we’ve published instructions about how we update vehicles using the REST API.

Integration Guides & Other Docs

A Familiar Code Reference

All of Inventory Presser’s source code is available in the same code reference used by core WordPress. Does this page for a template tag method, invp_get_the_price(), look familiar?