Blocks Preview Plugin Available

Development is underway to replace all Inventory Presser widgets and shortcodes with blocks. A feature plugin for Inventory Presser called Inventory Presser – Block Preview Plugin is available for download here.

Screenshot of the Block Inserter inside the WordPress editor. The Inventory Presser block category is shown containing 34 blocks.


  • Adds output to 9 blocks currently in Inventory Presser
  • Provides 12 blocks new blocks that mimic widgets and shortcodes in Inventory Presser


  • 23 total new blocks planned
  • Preview plugin will eventually retire and blocks will move into Inventory Presser & its add-ons
  • Detailed progress & roadmap

How to try the blocks

Install and activate the Block Preview Plugin (download .zip) on any site running Inventory Presser. This is beta software, these blocks are unfinished and under development. Visit the plugin’s project page at