Inventory Presser integrates CarStory Market reports

Websites powered by the car dealer WordPress plugin, Inventory Presser, can now easily inform car shoppers with Market Reports and Vehicle Badges. A new add-on plugin, CarStory Market Reports, makes it easy to add vehicle badges to vehicle listings and inline market reports to vehicle details pages.

CarStory badges can be added to inventory listings and vehicle details pages to tell shoppers what kind of deal they are getting.

The plugin provides two widgets, one for each of the Inline Market Report and Vehicle Badge. In addition, the integration settings are built into the Vehicle Options page to give any user control over the Referrer ID, Badge Type, and whether the badges are included in listings and search results.

The CarStory plugin settings in the WordPress Dashboard can be found by navigating to Vehicles > Options.
Car Story Market Reports can be seamlessly integrated at the bottom of vehicle details pages.