Creates a sentence about whether the car lot is open like, “Open today until 7:00 pm,” or, “Closed until 9:00 am tomorrow.” Also hooks into vehicle singles and tables of hours to automatically append the sentence in those places.

Visit the class reference at https://inventorypresser.com/docs/reference/classes/inventory_presser_shortcode_hours_today/


No parameters are required. The shortcode will find and use a set of hours attached to the current vehicle, if the request is for a vehicle. If the request is not for a vehicle, the shortcode will find and use the first set of hours attached to the first location it finds.

  • hours_uid
    • string
    • The unique identifier of a specific set of hours of operation. Optional.
    • Default value: 0


This screenshot shows how the “hours today” sentence appears automatically above a table of hours in the Hours Widget.

Displays a short sentence describing whether the business is currently open near a set of hours