Allows plugins to use their own update API.

Description Description

This class is provided by Easy Digital Downloads and is originally named EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater.

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Methods Methods

  • __construct — Class constructor.
  • api_request — Calls the API and, if successfull, returns the object delivered by the API.
  • check_update — Check for Updates at the defined API endpoint and modify the update array.
  • convert_object_to_array — Convert some objects to arrays when injecting data into the update API
  • get_cached_version_info — Gets the plugin's cached version information from the database.
  • get_repo_api_data — Get repo API data from store.
  • http_request_args — Disable SSL verification in order to prevent download update failures
  • init — Set up WordPress filters to hook into WP's update process.
  • plugins_api_filter — Updates information on the "View version x.x details" page with custom data.
  • set_version_info_cache — Adds the plugin version information to the database.
  • show_changelog — If available, show the changelog for sites in a multisite install.
  • show_missing_license_notice — Changes "Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin." to "License key is missing at Vehicles → Options" if the problem is a missing license key for one of our add-ons.
  • show_update_notification — show update nofication row -- needed for multisite subsites, because WP won't tell you otherwise!
  • verify_ssl — Returns if the SSL of the store should be verified.