Dealership Inventory Management On WordPress

At Friday Systems, we are building a dealership website platform on top of WordPress because we want to provide our customers with the best websites possible.


We are ready to offer a new website platform, and we see a suite of WordPress plugins expanding our product offerings to beyond that of just a service provider. We were willing to find an existing WordPress product and build on top. What we found were several systems that were built by people who were either not already in the business of automotive inventory management or not well-versed in WordPress development. Our value proposition is that we are great at both of these things.

Friday Systems has been managing dealership inventory since the late 1980s–that means our company’s first software pre-dated Microsoft Windows. Today, we transmit thousands of cars to and from hundreds of companies before we even unlock the door in the morning. To say that our systems are battle-tested is a understatement.

Our customers demand and deserve the best websites on earth, and our passion for WordPress only grows as we continue using it to build websites. Our two lead developers on this project, Corey Salzano and John Norton, both have experience building solutions on WordPress. The inherent challenges of automotive inventory management are not automatically mitigated by WordPress like so many others, and that is why our expertise allows us to build products that are better than the alternatives.

The plan

  • Build a minimum-viable product and start a private beta (Update March 2016: Our Private Beta Starts Today)
  • Migrate as many customers as we can while maintaining a rigorous pace of development
  • Package the system for power users and other web developers
  • Build a community that will help our customers and promote product growth

Here we go!

Photo by Bilderandi