Inventory_Presser_Plugin::insert_settings_link( array $links )

Adds a link to the settings page near the Activate | Delete links on the list of plugins on the Plugins page.



(array) (Required)




File: inventory-presser.php


			// No, create a relationship with "For Sale".
			wp_set_object_terms( $post_ID, 'for-sale', 'availability' );

		 * Filter callback that changes a query's meta_query value if the meta_query
		 * does not already contain the provided $key.
		 * @param  array  $meta_query The meta_query member of a WP_Query, retrieved with WP_Query->get('meta_query').
		 * @param  string $key
		 * @param  string $value
		 * @param  string $compare
		 * @param  string $type