Contact Form 7 Vehicle Form Tag

Inventory Presser’s integration with Contact Form 7 includes a form tag [invp_vehicle] to help users put vehicle drop downs or hidden elements in forms. If used on a single vehicle page, a hidden input is added to the form. On other pages, a drop down allows users to choose a vehicle.

How to use

Add the form tag to the Form tab:

[invp_vehicle* vehicle]

Add the tag’s name, vehicle in this example, to the Message body of the Mail tab:

From: [your-name] <[your-email]>
Phone: [your-phone]


Message Body:

This lead was generated from the website.

That’s it!

Explanation of the parts

[invp_vehicle* vehicle id:lead_vehicle]
invp_vehicleThe tag. The asterisk (*) makes the field required.
vehicleTag name used in Mail tab. Name attribute of the hidden <input> or visible <select>
idID attribute of the hidden <input> or visible <select>