Capturing vehicle leads with WPForms

Vehicle Field Type

Inventory Presser adds a custom Vehicle field type to WPForms Lite & Pro. Drag this field onto any form to begin capturing vehicle leads. On vehicle details pages, the field is invisible to users but includes the vehicle in submissions. On all other pages, a drop down allows users to choose vehicles they are interested in.

Smart Tags


  • Adds a vehicle element to ADF XML lead templates.


  • Outputs the site URL. Used in ADF XML lead templates.

Configure ADF XML Lead Notification Emails

Send leads to any CRM using the ADF XML email format. Copy and paste this XML into the Email Message of a Notification, and change the numerical IDs in the {field_id="0"} smart tags to match the customer name, email, phone, and comments to match the form you’ve designed.

<?xml version="1.0"?><?adf version="1.0"?><adf><prospect><requestdate>{date format="c"}</requestdate><status>new</status>{invp_adf_vehicle}<customer><contact><name part="full">{field_id="0"}</name><email>{field_id="1"}</email><phone>{field_id="3"}</phone><address /></contact><comments>{field_id="2"}</comments></customer><vendor><vendorname>{site_name}</vendorname><contact><name part="full" type="business">{site_name}</name></contact><url>{invp_site_url}</url></vendor><provider><name>Friday Systems</name><service>Inventory Presser</service><url></url><email></email><phone>800-677-7160</phone></provider></prospect></adf>