Manage Inventory at Multiple Dealerships on One Website

Blending inventory from multiple dealerships into a single website is effortless on websites built with Inventory Presser and WordPress. Not only is managing multiple addresses, phone numbers and sets of hours easy, but associating vehicles with separate locations is just as simple. Customers shopping for vehicles on websites built on Inventory Presser can filter by location, and even if they choose not to, each vehicle page will inform shoppers where the vehicle they are looking at is located.

Often, the make-or-break feature of managing multiple locations is lead delivery. Websites built on Inventory Presser can absolutely deliver lead notifications to different sales representatives based on the dealership to which a vehicle belongs. A location taxonomy is built-in to the core of the Inventory Presser plugin, and serves as the basis for filtering, segmented lead delivery, and guiding shoppers to the right dealership.

Photo by Jill