Filter Hook: Convert the active toggle to a real boolean. If a pre-14.6.0 setting value is still set, this is where we convert all additional listings pages to active.


Filter Hook: Assign the new term for this $object_id. The Availability taxonomy holds For Sale/Sold and Wholesale, so append in that taxonomy.


Filter Hook: Changes ORDER BY wp_postmeta.meta_value+0 to ORDER BY REPLACE( wp_postmeta.meta_value, ‘,’, ” )+0


Filter Hook: Loop over the post meta keys we manage and save their values if we find them coming over as part of the post to save.


Filter Hook: The price display type is something beyond what this plugin supports. Allow the value to be filtered.


Filter Hook: Maybe append to the meta_query if it is already set. If we are sorting by make, then we want to also add a secondary sort of model and a tertiary sort of trim. That’s what users want. Apply the same logic to sorts by year and model.


Filter Hook: We want the term description from the location taxonomy term because the meta key/term name only contains street address line one. The term description has the full address.