Inventory_Presser_Template_Provider::dont_lie_to_divi_blog_module( WP_Query $wp_query )

Divi Blog Module never runs our shortcodes, so do not lie about thumbnails or the module won’t show any. Callback on et_builder_blog_query, but does not modify the query. This filter is used to detect the Divi Blog Module.



(WP_Query) (Required) The query object created by Divi Blog Module.


(WP_Query) The unchanged query object.


File: includes/class-template-provider.php

		public function dont_lie_to_divi_blog_module( $wp_query ) {
			// Stop lying about whether vehicles have thumbnails or not.
			remove_filter( 'has_post_thumbnail', array( __CLASS__, 'lie_about_post_thumbnails' ), 10, 3 );
			return $wp_query;