InstalledVersions::reload( array[] $data )

Lets you reload the static array from another file

Description Description

This is only useful for complex integrations in which a project needs to use this class but then also needs to execute another project's autoloader in process, and wants to ensure both projects have access to their version of installed.php.

A typical case would be PHPUnit, where it would need to make sure it reads all the data it needs from this class, then call reload() with <code>require $CWD/vendor/composer/installed.php</code> (or similar) as input to make sure the project in which it runs can then also use this class safely, without interference between PHPUnit's dependencies and the project's dependencies.

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Parameters Parameters


(Required) A vendor/composer/installed.php data set

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: vendor/composer/InstalledVersions.php