Blocks Preview Plugin Available

Development is underway to provide block equivalents for all Inventory Presser widgets and shortcodes. A feature plugin called Inventory Presser – Block Preview Plugin containing this progress is available for download here.

Screenshot of the Block Inserter inside the WordPress editor. The Inventory Presser block category is shown containing 34 blocks.


  • Adds output to 9 blocks currently in Inventory Presser
  • Provides 12 blocks new blocks that mimic widgets and shortcodes in Inventory Presser


  • 23 total new blocks planned
  • Preview plugin will eventually retire and blocks will move into Inventory Presser & its add-ons
  • Detailed progress & roadmap

How to try the blocks

Install and activate the Block Preview Plugin (download .zip) on any site running Inventory Presser. This is beta software, these blocks are unfinished and under development. Visit the plugin’s project page at

WordPress Tips for Building Car Dealer Websites

WordPress Tips for Building Car Dealer Websites

Here are few things we’ve learned while launching the first 100 dealership websites on Inventory Presser, our WordPress plugin for automotive dealers.

Set WordPress’ thumbnail sizes to match the aspect ratio of the dealer’s photo uploads
Find the width and height dimensions of the dealership’s vehicle photos, and determine thumbnail sizes in Settings > Media to be of the same aspect ratio. These photos are the most important content on the site, and preserving the quality and size is of utmost importance to your client.
Do not organize media uploads into month- and year-based folders
We turn off he “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” checkbox under Settings > Media. We see no value in maintaining an information architecture of vehicle photos by time. Also, very few of our customers are using WordPress to regularly blog, and therefore vehicle photos are the vast majority of content in the Media Library.
Dealers prefer leads have a vehicle attached
(We knew this long before building sites on WordPress, but it’s worth sharing here.) A dealership website is a lead funnel, and dealers would like every lead to identify a vehicle in their inventory in which the customer is interested. Save your client time by designing a dealership website that attaches vehicles to all form submissions.

Photo by moritz320