Inventory Presser integrates CarStory Market reports

Websites powered by the car dealer WordPress plugin, Inventory Presser, can now easily inform car shoppers with Market Reports and Vehicle Badges. A new add-on plugin, CarStory Market Reports, makes it easy to add vehicle badges to vehicle listings and inline market reports to vehicle details pages.

CarStory badges can be added to inventory listings and vehicle details pages to tell shoppers what kind of deal they are getting.

The plugin provides two widgets, one for each of the Inline Market Report and Vehicle Badge. In addition, the integration settings are built into the Vehicle Options page to give any user control over the Referrer ID, Badge Type, and whether the badges are included in listings and search results.

The CarStory plugin settings in the WordPress Dashboard can be found by navigating to Vehicles > Options.
Car Story Market Reports can be seamlessly integrated at the bottom of vehicle details pages.

Inventory Presser integrates NextGear Digital Vehicle Inspections

Friday Systems has published Inventory Presser 12.2.4, the first version of the car dealership WordPress plugin with support for NextGear Digital Vehicle Inspection links. NextGear is a Bolt On technologies product.

Any vehicle stored in Inventory Presser now has a designated place to store a URL that points shoppers to a NextGear inspection. Buttons to open digital inspection reports are automatically placed near vehicles on both listing pages and vehicle details pages if a web address is found for the vehicle.


The See Digital Inspection Report button appears automatically near vehicles that have a NextGear Digital Vehicle Inspection URL stored in the appropriate field.

EPA Fuel Efficiency Ratings

EPA Fuel Efficiency Ratings

As the country marches toward a more fuel-efficient future, car buyers become increasingly sensitive to the fuel economy of their vehicles. Integrating EPA fuel efficiency data into your website prevents shoppers from looking elsewhere to obtain the data they need to make an informed purchase.

Dealerships using Inventory Presser to power their website have all the tools they need to communicate the EPA’s fuel efficiency ratings to consumers, including an EPA Fuel Economy widget.

This is what our EPA Fuel Economy widget looks like

This is what our EPA Fuel Economy widget looks like

Here is a screenshot of our EPA Fuel Economy widget. The title pictured, “EPA Fuel Economy,” can be changed. This vehicle operates on two fuel types, Regular Gasoline and E85, so fuel efficiency ratings for each fuel type are displayed. The fuel pump graphic is an SVG, which allows us to color-match it the nearby text when used on any of our dealership WordPress themes.

The EPA provides more fuel consumption data than city, highway, and combined mileage ratings. Part of our job as automotive inventory management specialists is to sift through vast databases and extract the data points that are valuable to consumers. Each of our dealership WordPress themes display additional EPA data in a collapsible section that can be seen in the screenshot below.

Also seen in this photo: headings for integrated Crash test safety ratings and standard vehicle equipment data.

Easy Embedded YouTube Videos

Easy Embedded YouTube Videos

Our automotive and powersports WordPress themes now support vehicles with attached YouTube videos. There is no code to copy, no worrying about which size, and no worrying about or whether or not YouTube will recommend random videos to your website visitors upon the completion of your vehicle walk-around video. We have built a seamless YouTube video integration, and it comes as a standard feature in all of our WordPress themes for dealerships.